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What is FITGUM®?
FitGum® is one of the most innovative food products to come on the market in some time. It is designed to be used as part of a healthy eating program and exercise routine to help manage weight, aid the body’s fat metabolism and control appetite. FITGUM® with its great taste delivers excellent ingredients through the gum medium, which already shows to aid in suppressing appetite and oxidizing FAT.

FITGUM® contains Xylitol, Green tea, Citrus Extract, Chromium, Hawthorne Berry and Black Pepper Extract, an unusual ingredient for gum. FITGUM® also contains the trace mineral chromium, which rounds out the functional benefit of FITGUM® as a part of a weight management program.

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Still chewing and exercising and doing great! I tell everyone who asks how I did it about you and FitGum. Just found the original photos you took when we first started with FITGUM. Wow, what a difference -- thank you for everything! I'm running low on my FitGum and will order again later today, I love it, Thank you Joe for helping lose the weight, I thought I was never going to do it since I am a diabetic, but FITGUM works, I am a statement to the truth, Miss you!

Nicole H. 2012


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